Director's Message

Congratulations for your decision of choosing R.D.S. Public School for your wards. The aim of the school is to provide an all-round education of intellectual promise for your wards. The school offers continuity of education from the earliest years right through to class XII.

What follows will, I hope encourage you to motivate and invite others also to see the school for themselves. You will find lively atmosphere for your wards for achieving their 0 potential, working hard in a friendly, stimulating environment. You will find teachers enjoying their work, taking a personel interest in each child they teach, eager for them to do their best.

I believe that the reputation of R.D.S. Public School will earn as an excellent school will be well-deserved. I am always happy to show parents around and I hope that you will also be on your decision of selecting our expertise in school education.

Best Wishes

Mr. Mukeh Kumar Singhal(Director)