Admision Procedure

Admission is open from February onwards. Students are interviewed and tested before admission is granted. The new academic session begins in April of every year. Students transferring from other schools are required to submit their transfer certificate and progress reports at the time of admission. The new students must present the original Birth Certificate and submit its copy for our records.

• Low Students

Teacher Ratio is maintained to enable the teachers to observe and work at the child's level of readiness. Montessori Children are generally characterised by their self discipline, self knowledge, independence and enthusiasm for learning. To achieve an all round personality development, the child will have opportunities each day for individual work, group activities.

• Age Limits

■ Bloom : 31/2 years and above (by April 1st) .

■ Flower : 41/2 years and above (by April 1st) .

■ Class 1 : 51/2 years and above (by April 1st) .

■ Child's age as well as emotional maturity will be taken into consideration for placement into our programme and for promotion to later classes.