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ABOUT the School

R.D.S. Public School was established in 2001 in Dharuhera, Opp. Tehsil (Rewari) in a wide area with lush green surroundings. The school takes the responsibility of nurturing the best skills in a child through a cordial and interactive environment where the child can feel the warmth of a relation with the teachers and friends. We seek to generate a positive atmosphere by making the child to learn to develop self-confidence and an overall personality development. This is a co-educational English Medium school affiliated to C.B.S.E. The confidence and spirit of students is raised to such a height that, "One must believe the unbelievable, and sketch the possible out of the impossible".

▪ To dream anything, that you want to dream.
• That is the beauty of the human mind .
• To do anything that you want to do .
• That is the strength of the human will .
• To trust yourself to test your limits .
• That is the courage to succeed.

Senior Wing

At our senior wing, emphasis is on academic excellence along with involvement in cultural and co-curriculum activities. Students that journey from primary to senior secondary are taken through a rich amalgamation of Montessori and a traditional form of education. Students are active participants in the learning process and we encourage them to become lifetime learners. Emphasis is laid on character building, honesty, truth, fearlessness and team spirit. A well structured vibrant curriculum not only incorporates academic skills but also life skills education, creative thinking, latent thinking, emotion and stress management. We trained caring and qualified staff are committed to provide excellence in education. Quality teachers, low student teacher ratio, our own in-house teacher training workshops and strong student-teacher interaction are all our hall mark, Established programmes support each fact of the academic systems thus helping the students for their future endeavors. Students explore the world of science through activities, observations and discussion in our well equipped laboratory for Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Our well stocked library includes volumes of encyclopedias and reference books that can be used as a learning resource. The state of the art computer laboratory ensures our students are well versed in high technology. Environment studies are an integral part of our curriculum. We follow a systematic evaluation of students. Project activity based worksheets and internal assessments are various methods cultivated to access the student's progress in class. The emphasis here is to inculcate in each student an inquiring mind and not merely the acquisition of knowledge. It is an established fact that learning transcends into an effective experience when facts are etched in our mental frame through real life situations. Thus we provide this through excursion field trips, adventure holidays, celebration of various festivals and other school related activities.

Junior Wing

Rameshwar Das Singhal Public School aims to help the child in many ways by pursuing his/her individual interests so that he/she gains an enthusiasm for learning-which is the key to become a truly educated person. Freedoms of movement and speech is stressed in order to assist each child's potential for physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. A today prepared environment awaits the absorbent mind of the child. Each piece of apparatus is designed to give the child a new experience and to develop specific concept. Emphasis is laid on understanding concept and learning skills rather than cramming fact. Different learning styles of individual are kept in mind in observation of the uniqueness of each student. A personalized approach in which each child is respected as an individual, he/she discovers to joy of learning, sharing and friendship. The teacher acts as a catalyst or a facilitator. She is trained to be a keen observer and is able to direct and guide the child.